Located in a quaint seaside neighborhood, the cozy Make Believe Inn offers a much needed oasis from the stress and anxieties of modern life. In continuous operation since the third week of January, the Inn has been offering its guests a comfortable place to stay and rest while they explore the amazing attractions that are only a few hours away. The inn’s management and its enthusiastic staff strive to treat all who end up staying at the Inn not simply as guests, but usually as welcome guests.

Most of our rooms have beds

The inn currently boasts five rooms, over half of which have passed all the necessary safety inspections. Most rooms are equipped with a modern bed, complete with a cloth sheet and a wool blanket. Don’t worry about the laundry. All bedding is promptly cleaned every month. On each floor there is a fully equipped bathroom with running water. During summer, the guests of the inn can often luxuriously bathe in wondrously warm water. All guest rooms are fitted with transparent glass windows, some of which can be opened.

In addition to the lush facilities of the Inn, there is also the quaint neighborhood that surrounds it. The beaches are conveniently located, just a short 10-mile walk. A 24-hour convenience store is also nearby and is open most weekends.

Plan your visit to the Make Believe Inn today. The inn’s luxiourous guest rooms await all visitors, whether they come by car, bus, motorcycle, bicycle, moped, amphibious vehicle, or skateboard. Call the Inn’s manager and his staff today (except on weekends and most evenings), or click the link below: